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Milan, June 14, 1990.


Andrea Liverani was born in Milan on June 14, 1990.
From an early age he was always inclined to sports, he tried various disciplines before continuing constantly, at an amateur level, in basketball.
However, in September 2010, at the age of twenty, while on his way to his grandmother on his motorbike, he was involved in a serious road accident caused by a van truck that performed an imprudent and forbidden U-turn and hit Andrea.
The physical conditions were immediately extremely critical and due to the severe spinal cord injury suffered, the loss of use of the legs was immediately diagnosed: complete paraplegia.
The hospitalization lasted almost a year, and the rehabilitation process at the Spinal Unit of Milan was particularly difficult.
However, Andrea has rediscovered sport, looking at it from a new angle.
Passionate and intrigued by the possibility of continuing to practice sports in a completely new way, Andrea joins the Briantea 84 team by learning to play wheelchair basketball.

Although with some difficulties due to the long hospital stay, Andrea successfully completed his studies by earning a degree in Legal Services Sciences at the University of Milan-Bicocca in 2015.
In addition to his achievement, Andrea is currently attending a master’s degree in Management and Services Design at the same university and, in the meantime, is employed, providing advice on social security matters.
Almost by chance, in 2014 Andrea approaches target shooting, going to target shooting in Milan and is struck by this sport, so much so that he becomes passionate about it and immediately dedicates himself to it with constancy and dedication; in a short time he manages to achieve excellent results at a competitive level.
In just one year Andrea joined the Italian Paralympic Shooting Team with successes and new projects.
Among the numerous projects cultivated, in 2018 (thanks to the indispensable activity of the co-author and friend Professor Gianotti) he managed to finish the autobiographical novel that will be published in December 2019 and whose proceeds – due to the quality of Author of the manuscript – will be donated in full to charity.

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My initiatives

affiliation to associations or sporting events

Together with my staff I help you in finding the most suitable sport, guiding you to achieve your goals.

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training, sport and rehabilitation

The shooting center is not just a place for training in the technical gesture but a place to get involved totally.
The race is the real training: it is there that we fully experience all our sporting and emotional freedom.

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Over the course of several years, I have developed a project aimed at raising funds for charity. Not alone, but with the help of other people indispensable for the achievement of the final result, I have published an autobiographical novel whose proceeds – due as the author of the manuscript – will be donated in full to charity by me and the co-author and friend Prof. Raffaele Gianotti.

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“Writing is not magic but, obviously, it can become the gateway to that world that is hidden within us. The written word has the strength to ignite the imagination and illuminate the interior.”

The idea for the book was born immediately after the conclusion of the long stay in the intensive care unit and at the Spinal Unit of Milan (Cà Granda – Niguarda Hospital).

 As soon as I was discharged, I had to deal with the new reality that I would have to face. A reality no worse, but different and absolutely unexpected, with new challenges, friends and goals.

The book traces my life in a fictional way, focusing on interesting issues and aspects concerning my past, present and future.

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“After years of training, it was a great honor and a huge satisfaction for me to achieve this result. I experienced it as a personal revenge for the realization of my life. Thanks go to those who have always supported me. Sport has given me back the autonomy that I had lost with the accident.”

ANDREA LIVERANI – world cup Chateauroux (FRA) 2018  – 1st Place and world record

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Healing means acting, it is not a passive event.


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